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Award schemes Now a Fashion in Ghana? Kelly Kodieh Swiss FM Ho

Kelly Kodieh (Flexal) of Swiss FM in Ho in the Volta Region of Ghana who is a Radio presenter, has raised a laudable submission on the numerous award schemes which has erupted in Ghana recently. The underground artistes should pay attention to their submission and make something out of it.

Too many award schemes in the industry is Okay but the question is how credible and how will it add up or support individual brands who involve them selves to the schemes.

kelly kodieh- swiss fm Ho
kelly kodieh- swiss fm Ho

The main concern as an industry player should we entertain such schemes?
My concern is that every award that is been instituted must have a mission and credibility that in one way or the other be a plus to the industry and individual coming in board.

Some of the Award schemes that we having in our industry are just nuisance and to my view is unpleasant, especially to a growing industry like ours, individuals shouldn’t just jump and slot their brands to be in them.
Winning Awards doesn’t mean your brand is exposed, better or good, particularly to some award schemes.

I believe having a strong regulator to control this aspect of events must be in play to regulate such initiatives(award schemes)

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