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Daniel Yeboah (Atta Ghana Boy) – The Living Legend.

Who is Daniel Yeboah (Atta Ghana Boy)

Daniel Yeboah, is the former leader of instrumentalists for multi- platinum recording band, Apollo High Kings. Love for music began in the palace of New Juaben Traditional Area.
Seeing and listening to ‘kete’ and to the backing musicians really struck a chord with little Atta Yeboah.

Attah Ghana Boy

Being a part of that environment, playing and expressing himself through music became a natural desire of his. Fortunately, among all the musicians and dancers, the drummer was the one that captivated the ‘Envy’ hitmaker the most.

The first time he was able to play without sitting on anyone’s lap was at the age of five. This allowed him to experience his first major drumming moment: playing through an entire event at that age was historic.

Band Experience of Atta Ghana Boy

Mr. Daniel Yeboah first band experiences were with Amass band in 1986. He then joined Dominos Band after twelve months. At Dominos, a Koforidua based band, ‘The Ghana Boy’ saw one of the most important experiences he had as a developing musician. It gave him the opportunity to play in a band setting with a live audience, and to work in an environment very similar to the one he would find years later as a professional drummer. It also helped him secure his first big gigs with some local bands in Prestia band and Amamere Band respectively.

Ghana boy
Atta Ghana Boy in his early days

In 1990, the Young, vibrant and energetic Daniel Yeboah joined Apollo High Kings, a legendary highlife-Fusion band led by the Premier HighLifer, Daniel Amakye Dede.

After two years, he experienced his first European tour with Apollo High Kings where they played over 4 concerts in some selected cities in Germany. After that tour, Atta was appointed by Band Leader Amakye Dede as leader of instrumentalists.

Ghana boy

1996 was the year Apollo High Kings toured approximately 7 countries in Europe with Atta leading the team of instrumentalists. Countries like England, Italy, France, Belgium and many other European countries, saw massive performances from the hit making international band.

The following year was for the Americans. After the American tour, Mr. Daniel Yeboah opted to stay in America and develop his musical career as a drummer, singer, composer, producer and a songwriter.

Atta Ghana Boy is now a member of the music band of the legendary Bob Nesta Marley ‘Tuff Gang” and also strikes the sticks for Gizzae Band in the United States.

Ghana boy
Atta Ghana Boy

Married to Sara Haukap an event manager at Smith Bucklin in the states. They are blessed with six children, three boys and three beautiful ladies.

Ghana boy and family
Mr. Daniel Yeaboah and Family
Attah Ghana boy and his adorable girl
Mr. Daniel Yeboah with his adorable daughter

Atta Ghana Boy – Envy

Signed unto RichRastars music label, Atta Ghana Yeboah said he believes that in life “the harder you work, the luckier you get.” His new Jalopy ‘ENVY’ is on all digital platforms. Get yours and enjoy the quality of lyrics and its arrangements. A masterpiece electronically produced by BIG BRAIN in Ghana.

Listen to this song on Audiomack

Watch Envy by Atta Ghana Boy

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