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Meet DK Wagzy

DK Wagzy
DK Wagzy

The Finest Northern Celebrity. Who starts Blogging as a Business and also a promoter in the Northern part of Ghana Pricisly Zebilla.
This guy started Music Journey in Years back but couldn’t proceed due to financial support and other stuffs.
He later on came back with a number of songs which made waves in the Region.
Some of his song include…..
1: Motorking love
2: Blessings
3: Personal
4: Ghana Girls featuring Wallet.

All these songs can be downloaded with the search on Google.

DK Wagzy

Dk Wagzy said his people got his back so he is moving on in the Music Industry.
He works as a blogger and a promoter in the Upper East Region…
He went to school at Sakom Primary School where he started his educational lather.
He later on proceeded to Junior High School.
And completed Zebilla Senior High School.
Dk Wagzy comes from a village called Sakom which falls part of Zebilla in the Upper East Region.

He is always much interested in music as most at times seen with Headset on.
So hopefully he will soon become a Ghanaian Legend.

Follow him on all social media.

Facebook: Dk Wagzy
Instagram: Dk Wagzy
Twitter: wagzydk
Audiomack: Dk Wagzy Music
YouTube: Dk Wagzy Music
Soundcloud: Dk Wagzy
Myplist: Dk Wagzy
WhatsApp: +233555518840

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