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Gavi Omar – Long Time Coming (Paying Homage to Dr Kwame Nkrumah)

Gavi Omar, a UK Rap artist sends a message to all Africans through is new song titled “Long Time Coming” to encourage Africans to keep up the good fight and to always remember who they are, Africa the origin and home of humanity.

Gavi said he wrote this song in 2014 when Eric Garner was murdered by a police officer.

“I wrote this song when Eric Garner a man from Staten Island, New York City was murdered by a police officer in 2014 as I watched the video of the man begging for his life in broad day light while getting chocked to death my stomach turns as I think to myself all this excessive force because of the colour of his skin?  Since the Rodney King incident in 1991 there has been countless of police killings and brutality specifically towards ‘black’ forward to 2020 the George Floyd incident, who also got murdered with similar police tactics in broad day light, while he begs for his mother, reciting the same phrase as Eric Garner (I can’t breath)” 

Gavi Omar

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“I encourage Africans to make due of the resources they have at hand and to re educate themselves and unlearn the patterns and mental hindrance caused by colonization”.

Gavi Omar

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