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I chose my family over your collaboration – Tee Rhyme to Eastern music critics

This weekend the issue trending in the media in the Eastern Region is the brouhaha between the camp of tee rhyme and the concerned musicians association of the Eastern Region.

It’s been five years the music legend Daasebere Gyamena kicked the bucket.
Every Ghanaian wept because his death was untimely and uncertain.

This year a couple of musicians based around Koforidua decided to celebrate and honor the legend and grace his 5th Anniversary by doing an attractive highlife song to lift the banner of the legend and that of the eastern region.

Tee Rhyme
Tee Rhyme

The various artists on the collaboration are

Tee Rhyme Koo Ntakra
Koo Kyei, Ko Seven RANY dopesongz, Ekow Marvel, Nurudeen Shaba, C Clark GH and Dassebre Ba Kwame rhatty. This was a huge project every individual in the region and Ghana as a whole were anticipating.

Suddenly something unusual has occurred, Koo Kyei who is believed to be the chairman of the committee for the project released a teaser or triller of the music video of the project His Legacy rules on Daasebre Gyamenah
Barima way3 bi.

The thriller posted online came without Tee Rhyme who happens to be the biggest artist and most valuable asset of the region. This got a lot of people complaining bitterly about it on social media. In fact, the dedicated followers of tee rhyme harshly attacked Koo Kyei and his accomplice on social media and this was really an eyesore.
Upon confrontation, Koo Kyei the chairman lied about the whole issue which really instigated the management of Tee Rhyme to issue out a communique.

In the communique, Tee Rhyme explained that he was invited to report on set at Koforidua for the video shoot of the said project but it was quite unfortunate his sole and beloved son was ill which finally led to his declination of the invite. Before you make an assumption, be informed that Tee Rhyme is an Accra-based artist from Tafo in the eastern region.

Tee Rhyme

In a live conversation with Ghflamez.com, he explained further that, his son was admitted at Lapaz community hospital for few days in order to receive medical attention. In this situation, there was no way he could have abandoned his family and moved to the set to shoot the visual.

Even though in that situation, his willingness to involve himself in the project was very high, and deemed it a higher priority. Therefore he decided to shoot his scene separately in Accra at his own cost to save the situation which was later communicated to the team of the above-mentioned project.

Tee Rhyme

Koo kyei the chairman of the team autocratically and inconsiderably took an immediate decision to remove Tee Rhyme from the project the visuals.

The issue of artists in Koforidua behaving unprofessionally towards each other and even prominent musicians living outside Koforidua is gradually getting out of hand each and every passing day.

In the Eastern Region, specifically Koforidua, its becoming a menace that, if you are talented and you aren’t resident in Koforidua you wouldn’t be given maximum attention on radio, TV, and even bigger events. It appears a few artists have been chosen by the industry players to always give them their support but to no avail. They have yielded no fruit despite the massive radio plays, hype, and bigger platforms granted them. This issue must be dealt with immediately to avoid a future disaster.

Tee Rhyme

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