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I rap better than Koo Ntakra – Tee Rhyme on Okay FM

Yesterday, Tuesday 28th day of September, Tee Rhyme was hosted by Ghana’s finest radio presenter and journalist, Abeiku Aggrey Santana hosted Tee Rhyme on okay FM 101.7.

This show is a drive time show which has a huge Audience across the world. Abeiku Santana is a very intelligent journalist who is widely known for his great sense of humour. Tee Rhyme was given the mic to freestyle on his own song, hey which is the newly released song.

Tee Rhyme

After being given the opportunity to exhibit what he got, the host asked him why he titled the song hey, which he explained that an intruder broke into his home to nearly make away with his gas cylinder which made him shout ” hey ”.At the shout of ”Hey” the thief took to his heels.

In addition, he was asked which award categories he has been nominated for and won. He then mention the Eastern music Awards which he was awarded the Best Rapper.

Abeiku Santana psychologically interrogated that, do you know Koo Ntakra is the king of the East?
And the best rapper as well?

Koo Ntakra

Tee Rhyme replied that this year he has seen Koo Ntakra do more singing and has deserted from rap, hence making him the best rapper from the East.

Abeiku then laughed and said, he can smell a beef soon.

More importantly,Tee rhyme seem to be getting his lyrics wrong as he was maiming which he was asked by the host. He truly said the song is a freestyle which he didn’t really write so he doesn’t have some of the words in his head.

At the closure of the interview, he was asked why he often add Tafo his hometown to his name,which he explained that,under no circumstance can he make it or go without Tafo.
Follow Tee Rhymetetafo on all social media handles. This is another controversy from the east.Let’s see what Koo Ntakra got to say about this.

In communication with Koo Ntakra, he told us that, he is not interested in beef. He likes to live his life low-key. He is not the type of Artist who rides on controversy for fame. He wouldn’t like to comment on the matter and its bad energy on his side.

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