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Kwaisey Pee refused an interview because of Dead Peepol.

Dead Peepol is the new sensation in the Ghana music industry now. Their Maiden single “Otan Ohunu” which has become a household song is crossing boundaries every passing day.

These young acts started a tour on 29th July to reinforce the good work they have started;hence moving from one media house to the another for interviews. They have been hosted massively on 3fm, Onua FM, TV3, Kingdom FM, Atinka FM, Accra FM and many more popular TV and radio stations in the city.

But this week something unusual happened which was beyond imagination.

They were scheduled for an interview on Kessben TV in Kumasi for their routine.
As they were on air ,the feeling was awesome and the fans were calling massively during the phone in segment which actually extended their regulated time.
At that very moment, Highlife legend Kwaisey Pee was scheduled to be interviewed.
The legend expected to be treated special because Dead Peepol are just new artiste who have just surfaced.

Upon confrontation with the host, he was made to understand that Dead Peepol were on air and he would be appropriately be attended to when his time is due. The legend was expected to wait patiently for a jiffy but he rather took grudges. He took a french leave from the premises of Kessben TV, Kumasi simply because he see Dead Peepol as emerging and cannot be treated equally and expects to be treated special.

In a small interview with the host, a member of Dead Peepol said it was appropriate to interview the legend as a special guest for the show and draw curtains down on the show because as our old Ghanaian adage goes “Ɔpanyin guare wie pɛ,na nsu asa”.

Dead Peepol felt remorseful and so sorry the incidence happened in their name. So they want to say Sorry to the legend and let him know and understand that they have a great respect to the predecessors in the music industry.

Download and enjoy the Otan hunu song below.

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