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IMM (Indoor money makers frontier, LA SONGX has announced the date for his worldwide single which is yet to hit the local and foreign music Market. Very fascinating how he comes out with the title of this genuine song, “Draw you”.

LA SONGX - Draw You

According to LA SONGX, the attractive body shape put on by Ghanaian and African ladies at large really inspired him to write this particular song.

Although he isn’t good at drawing but the appearance of this particular new catch he has been addicted to has really triggered his passion for drawing and he would draw her nicely.
LA SONGX only draws only black ladies and nobody else.

In this modern Afrobeat song,you would be blown away by the solid vocals he really displayed.The singing style and ability is one of a kind and second to none.
His style is a customized and improvisation over his previous masterpiece.

LA is stylish ,romantic and lavish on the mic when he jumps on Afrobeats especially beats produced by his numero uno producer Nadxclusives from Ghana west Africa.

Beauty really lies in the eyes of the beholder,Anytime he see this black Beauty girl ,he is vigorously tempted to touch.
Moreso,he is drunk with joy when he sees the black lady dancing and twerking.

LA SONGX is now picking up a new passion,which is drawing to his music assignment simply because of a coca cola shaped beautiful he has spotted.

This melody is a world standard because ,its completely sung in English.Everyone can listen,memorise the lyrics and sing along..

Draw you ,is slated to be officially on 7th June ,2021Monday.
The song would be premiered first on and, the digital stores and other free hot websites worldwide.

Follow LA songx on all social media platforms for a quick update on the release.

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