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Mother Joins daughter to seek forgiveness from Hon. Ken Agyapong.

Fathers’ Day is a day that sons and daughters wish their fathers well and to show how much they love them. During Father’s day a lot of people express their gratitude to their fathers by posting pictures of their fathers on social media telling the whole world how much they love and cherish their fathers. It is a day to celebrate your father and to wish them well.

Yesterday 21st June, 2020 saw lots of people wishing their fathers Happy Fathers’ Day. One person who captured the moment so well is the daughter of Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, Anell Agyapong. Anell used the father’s day to tell her father how much she loves him and also wants forgiveness from him. This message of hers caught the attention of all Ghanaians. A lot of bloggers shared her message so as to get her fathers’ attention. Anell said in her Facebook post that she is a changed person and will continue to do so.

After Anell pleaded for forgiveness, her mother who sometime ago made a video saying a lot of things about Hon. Kennedy Agyapong, also pleaded for forgiveness. She wrote on her Facebook post asking Hon. Kennedy Agyapong to accept her apology. She said ” Please accept my apology as I feel contrite about my reaction to your utterances regarding our daughter“. Read the full message below.

Anell and her mother are truly sorry, what else should a father do than to forgive. We praying that Hon. Kennedy Agyapong will find in his heart to forgive them.

What do you think about this apologies? Should Hon. Ken Agyapong forgive them? Let us know your view.

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