Fameye vrs Ogidi Brown
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Ogidi Brown Fights Fameye Face to Face

Ogidi Brown previous manager for Fameye had had issues over the period which the public has been in the known. This issue erupted when Fameye unexpectedly left the label Ogb music.

Fameye vrs Ogidi Brown

Last year, we saw both parties sat down with families to settle this issue at Antoa in the Ashanti region which everyone thought they have buried the hatchet and finally poured oil on troubled waters.

As a businessman, it is highly understood that Ogidi Brown had a long-term plan for the artist and wish to reap the fruit of his labour was highly disappointed when Fameye left the label.

Surprisingly, this morning, Today Friday, July 23, OGB in a Facebook post has sent a very harsh warning to Fameye.

In a Facebook post put up by Ogidi Brown

@fameye_music Never try to claim the songs and videos I produced for you else you will see another side of me, I swear my brother go in peace Never even sing the song I produced for u on any platform, this is the last message for you. Ungrateful, next will be action 😡

Ogidi Brwon

From the post, we can clearly see that Fameye is trying to play smart on his formal boss which Ogidi brown too doesn’t seem to comprehend to end this fight. For the look of things, this fight is not ending anytime soon.

Ogidi has warned Fameye to never sing or perform the songs he produced for him on any platform or else he would exhibit his inner wrath.

He also emphasized that this is his last warning message to him and he wouldn’t want to repeat himself to Fameye. He further said Fameye can go in peace and enjoy his fame if he goes without any of the songs that were produced by the OGB production.

The truth of the matter is, Fameye has monetized content that was produced for him under his formal management without the knowledge of his formal boss which YouTube notified the label. From the speech of Ogidi Brown, he is willing to pursue this case to the latter.

Copyright issues in Ghana over the period have been one major problem facing the Ghanaian music industry and this particular issue is a wake-up call. The government, the creative art industry, and appropriate auspices should give this maximum attention and put into place proper and appropriate structures to help eradicate this menace once and for all.

Moreso, the ministry responsible for issues relating to the music industry and creative arts should host forums, seminars, symposiums and etc to educate and enlighten Artists on copyright issues.

Ghflamez.com would keep you updated anytime Fameye also reply and put out his part of the issue. This would help us understand and dive into the matter to arrive at a conclusion.
Stay tuned and keep visiting us for more information in the future.

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