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Gilbert Baidoo Addo known as GillyPan in the music industry is an all round artist born on the 14th March 1996 by Mr Atto Believer and Mad. Georgina Philippa Quaque.

He started doing music in his early secondary School at St. John’s in Takoradi.He was inspired by a friend in Junior high School to do music but he didn’t take him serious. He furthered his education at Takoradi Technical University and I.P.M.C after secondary School,there he did songs like Ebi U and some other urban gospel songs.

He then decided to go into the music fully and started learning musical instruments and sound engineering. In early 2020,he did Mi Yard, Let’s Go and Today, Later in March he featured Teephlow on a new song Traffic.

Get Connect with GillyPan

Facebook: Gilbert Baidoo 
Instagram: Gillypan7 
Twitter: @Gillypan
WhatsApp: +233247801133

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