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We are against the name “Akuapem Polo” – Okuapeman Global

Okuapeman Global represents all citizens of Okuapeman and is a foundation that seeks to provide guidance, support and encouragement to make the cultural values, customs and traditions of Akuapem valuable to its citizens both in Ghana and world-wide.

On this 6th day of July, 2020, Okuapeman Global issued a statement on Akuapem Polo’s recent attitude of her nudity on social media and wishes to express their stand with regard to her association with  name Akuapem.

The statement was signed by Nana Bekoe Dankwah who is the general secretary of Okuapeman Global and it reads:

We of Okuapeman Global, have taken note of the activities of a certain Rosemond Brown whose show biz name is Akuapem Polo.

Much as we are excited for the use of the name “Akuapem” in her showbiz name even though she is or not in any way a citizen of ‘’Akuapem’’ we state in very clear terms that we are beginning to get worried over her acts which seem to be always controversial and which put her in terribly bad light.

For us we think that some of her acts, especially her present nude pictures in front of her son and sharing the said nude pictures with the whole world and the very puerile excuses she gave for undertaking the said act will make her a good patient for psychiatric examination and we humbly request of her to consider taking an immediate visit to the hospital in that regard.

As for the indecent exposure and all that come with the said picture, we leave it for the appropriate state institutions.

However, it is our expectation that Rosemond Brown, in the use of the word “Akuapem” which is the identity of Akuapems who are known for being well cultured and well brought up, she will do everything to keep flying high the image of the name which attracted her to its use instead of the collateral damage the use of the name ‘’Akuapem’’ as part of her showbiz name vis a vis her controversies seem to be doing to our image as a people of Akuapem decent.

Thank you.

Here is the original letter

Okuapeman global Akuapem Polo

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